Frequently Asked Questions

As an organization, the Animal Control and Welfare Project, Inc., would like to answer questions from the public concerning our group and our policies. Please feel free to e-mail us concerning any questions you may have. We would like to hear from you.  Our e-mail address is: [email protected].


  • I am wondering, what services are you providing at this time?

We offer spay/neuter assistance for persons who qualify and spay/neuter clinics open to all Summers County residents. We also offer placement assistance for pets.

  • I have a stray that showed up here, will you come get it?

We do not pick-up stray animals without notifying our Animal Control Officer. Our Animal Control Office must pick-up the stray and may then turn the stray over to us.

  • What are the ACWP, Inc. long range goals?

We will eventually have a fully funded location in Summers County.  At this time we are concentrating on spay/neuter and animal placement for all dogs and cats.

  • I am interested in adopting one of your pets. Where would I go to see them?

We do not have a facility that is open to the general public and all of our animals are in private foster care. If you would like to meet a specific pet, please complete and submit an Adoption Application. A placement counselor will contact you as soon as possible.

  • What is the fee for adopting a pet from the ACWP, Inc.?

We accept adoption donations based on the type of animal, size, age, and expenses that we have incurred with each animal. It is typically $150.

  • If I get a dog or cat from the ACWP, Inc. will I have to get it spayed or neutered? If so, will there be a discount from your organization for this request?

ACWP, Inc. policy is to alter all animals prior to placement unless circumstances prohibit it. It is the responsibility of the owner to spay or neuter any dog or cat that has not been altered prior to placement within a period of time specified in the adoption contract. We offer assistance under special circumstances.

  • My pet had some puppies / kittens. I am not able to adopt them out or take care of them. Would your organization be willing to take them?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

  • I would be willing to use my house as a foster home for one or more of your animals. What compensation if any will I get for doing this? What is the length of time that I must keep the animals?

ACWP, Inc. provides veterinary care, food, kennels, crates, and doghouses for our foster animals. Other reimbursements may be approved on a case by case basis. We strive to place our animals in good homes as quickly as possible but cannot guarantee an exact time period.

  • Our school would like to form a club to help your organization. Can we expect any guidance from the ACWP, Inc.?

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] or call (855) WV4PETS (voicemail only) and leave a message. We will return your email or call as soon as possible.

  • Would a member from the ACWP, Inc. be willing to come to our group or school to tell us about your organization?

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] or call (855) WV4PETS (voicemail only) and leave a message. We will return your email or call as soon as possible.

  • Do you need volunteers and if so how can I help?

Yes!!! We need experienced and novice volunteers to work on committees for grants, fundraising, webwork, transportation, foster care coordination, phone duty, newsletters, humane education, administration, and more. We need foster homes, drivers for local transportation – such as taking animals to the vet or delivering supplies to foster homes, and drivers to transport animals to their forever homes or to meet drivers for other rescues. Please email us at [email protected] or call (855) WV4PETS (voicemail only) and leave a message. We will return your email or call as soon as possible.

  • Do you need equipment or supplies that I can donate? If so what types?

Yes!!! We need dog houses, crates, carriers, hay, fencing, blankets, towels, cat litter, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. Please see our “Wish List” located under the About You tab.

  • Before I get a dog or cat, what shots do you give it?

Age appropriate vaccinations including DHLPP distemper/parvo combination, Bordetella and Rabies. Animals will also be wormed, treated for fleas, spayed or neutered and heartworm tested before going to their new homes.

  • If I am not happy with the animal I adopted, can I bring it back?

Yes. Contact us and a placement volunteer will work with you to make arrangements.

  • What happens if the animal I adopted died because it was sickly?

Within ten days of the adoption, we will allow you to select another of our available pets.

  • What is the law concerning impounding of pets?

In West Virginia, a dog or cat can be impounded for not having either an animal license or a rabies vaccination tag or both as is required by law. If said animal is not claimed within (5) five days of being impounded it can be sold for assessed costs or otherwise disposed of according to law. ACWP is not a law enforcement agency. All impounds are handled by our Animal Control Officer or sheriff’s department.

  • Do you automatically euthanize the dogs and cats after their (5) five day period is up?

No. Animals do not come into ACWP care until after the 5-day period. We work closely with our Animal Control Officer to save as many impounded animals as possible from euthanasia. Foster homes are critical to our success!

  • What is the West Virginia state law toward an owner whose pet has bitten someone?

West Virginia Code 19-20-9a. Any person who own or harbors any dog, cat, or other domesticated animal, whether licensed or unlicensed, which bites any person, shall forthwith confine and quarantine the animal for a period of (14) fourteen days for rabies observation. If such animal is not so confined and quarantined, the humane officer, dog warden or sheriff may cause such animal to be placed in the custody and care of a licensed veterinarian for such purposes at the owner’s expense. The penalty for any violation of this section shall be a fine of fifty dollars or confinement in the county jail for a period of no less than two or no more than three days.

  • Under what conditions can I call ACWP, Inc. for emergencies after working hours?

The ACWP phone line accepts voicemail only and is checked by volunteers. Our outgoing message attempts to provide information on who to contact in case of various emergencies. Some examples and phone numbers are:

  • Owned animals that are sick or injured must be taken to a veterinarian by the owner or custodian.
  • Stray animals running at large in general do not constitute an emergency and are therefore not considered an emergency call. Stray animals that are endangering someone’s life or property should be referred to the Hinton City Police, the Summers County Sheriff’s Department, or the West Virginia State Police and the Hinton City / Summers County Animal Control Officer.
  • By law, animals are considered personal property – the same as a car. Complaints of owned animals being shot or stolen are personal property complaints and should be referred to the Hinton City Police, the Summers County Sheriff’s Departmant, or the West Virginia State Police.
  • Complaints of owned animals being injured or killed by other owned animals should be referred to the Hinton City Police, the Summers County Sheriff’s Department, or the West Virginia State Police.
  • Complaints of animals biting a human should be referred to the Hinton City Police, the Summers County Sheriff’s Department, or the West Virginia State Police and the Summers County Health Department.

Hinton City Police Department    304-466-3333

Summers County Sheriff’s Department    304-466-7111

West Virginia State Police – Hinton Office    304-466-2800

Summers County Health Department     304-466-3388

Jerry Wheeler, Animal Control Officer

Hinton City / Summers County    304-466-4860

Pager (Please leave a call back number)    304-251-0165

  • Is there a law in the State of West Virginia that protects animals that are being abused by their owners?

Yes. If any person cruelly mistreats, abandons or withholds proper sustenance, including food, water, shelter or medical treatment necessary to sustain normal health and fitness or to end suffering or abandons any animal to die, or uses, trains or possesses any domesticated animal for the purpose of seizing, detaining or maltreating any other domesticated animal, he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, or confined in the county jail not more than six months, or both so fined and confined.

In laymen’s terms, your animals, which include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, etc., must have:

1. appropriate food for the age and size of the animal

2. appropriate shelter from the elements, including, but not limited to, rain, ice, sleet, snow, wind, sun, etc., for the size of the animal

3. appropriate amount of fresh water

4. medical attention for any and all ailments.