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Your Donations...Your Time...Your Items...Your Homes...

Your support is vital! Please support us if you can…

The Animal Control and Welfare Project, Inc. / Summers County Humane Society is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) West Virginia corporation with operating funds based on donations, grants, fundraising events, and membership dues.

Your tax deductible donations will be used for our spay/neuter clinics, the costs related to the medical care and placement of the animals, our education program and for the procurement of a facility.

Contributions may be made out to the “Animal Control and Welfare Project, Inc.” and mailed:

    ACWP, Inc
P.O. Box 236 Hinton, WV  25951
Phone: (855) WV4PETS

We accept credit card donations through PayPal.

Please support us!

Your support is vital & it does make a difference!

Thank you.

Happy Tails are the rewards we live for,

Volunteers Needed To:


Apply for Grants

Organize & Host Events


Photography & Video

Occasionally Run Errands

Publish Newsletters

Cedar bedding chips

Crates of all sizes

Slip leads

Front Line flea and tick medications

Detergent (to wash the many towels)

Bleach (to wash the many towels)

Garbage Bags

Quality puppy / dog food

Quality kitten / cat food

Dog bones

Dog toys

Dog houses

Feed & water bowls (large and small)

Straw for bedding

We understand not everyone is up to fostering – a most rewarding effort – however, if you are interested in trying it, please let us know.  It is easier every time you foster you are giving the gift of love and life – for the dog you save as well as the adoptive family.  The ripple effects of your gift go on forever.  Don’t you remember your first dog?  Your child’s first dog?  …

We provide all medical care for the pets in our program, we can supply food, a kennel (if available).  Try it, you’ll like it!

Contact us via email:  [email protected] and we can talk about it.


We Do It Together:

ACWP, Inc. Memberships

Membership dues support the animals and give you a voice in the organization.  Membership does not require you to volunteer.

Our annual membership dues are free for students 16 years old or less, $5 for Bronze membership, $15 for Silver membership, and $25 for Gold membership. On or after July 1st, your dues will carry you until December 31st of the following year. Free student memberships do not have a vote at meetings.